Cork Sheets are quick and easy to install.  Our premium cork sheet underlayment comes in 6mm (1/4") and 12mm (1/2") thickness.  Using pre-cut cork sheet underlayment creates less waste, and there are no bubbles to deal with.  Cork is a natural and sustainable product that reduces sound, creates cushion and prevents stress cracks.  Cork underlayment can be used under tile, porcelain, stone, laminate, engineered click wood floors and carpet. Cork is a natural fire inhibitor.  It does not spread flame or release toxic gases on combustion.  Cork is naturally anti-allergenic, which creates healthy indoor air and will not deteriorate after years of use.

Cork Underlayment

1/2 Inch Cork Sheet Underlayment

Please call for availability: 1-800-344-2675.  1/2 inch Cork Sheet Underlayment is pre-cut, which makes installation quick and easy.  There is less waste since it is pre-cut and will not create...

Cork Underlayment

1/4 Inch Cork Sheet Underlayment

6mm (1/4 Inch) Cork Sheet Underlayment Pre-Cut cork sheets 1/4″ x 24″ x 36″ Easy Installation - Less Waste No bubbles during installation Each sheet covers 6 sq ft Premium European Cork...
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Cork Board

1/2" Thick Cork Board (24" x 36")

Get premium quality cork board from Cork Direct. Our extra thick 1/2" cork sheets are the perfect tacking surface that can be used for bulletin boards, dart boards, trivets, game...