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Cork Direct offers cork underlayment sheets and rolls, delivered nationwide. Premium European cork underlayment for commercial and residential applications, with time-critical jobsite delivery.

Cork Underlayment Benefits

Why choose cork for your floor underlayment? Cork provides a natural and superior sound and thermal insulation. Cork resists moisture and mold and is hypo-alergic. Cork is flame resistant and formaldehyde-free. Cork is a sustainable, eco-friendly material. Cork is low cost won't deteriorate after years of use. Cork underlayment can be used under hardwood, laminate, bamboo, porcelain and other flooring types. We will ship our premium European cork directly to you quickly and well protected.

Premium European Cork

Our premium quality cork underlayment is sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. It is made of 100% premium European Cork and then finished and packaged in the USA.

In Stock - Ready to Ship

We take great pride and care while packaging our cork. Each package is shipped with an additional box for added protection. We do our best to ensure that your cork is received undamaged and in a timely manner.

Reduce Sound

Cork Underlayment reduces sounds by providing an acoustic barrier for flooring materials. It can be used in both residential and commercial buildings to provide sound reduction, cushioning, and stress crack protection.

Cork Direct

Premium European cork, packaged and finished in USA.

Cork Underlayment

1/2 Inch Cork Sheet Underlayment

Please call for availability: 1-800-344-2675.  1/2 inch Cork Sheet Underlayment is pre-cut, which makes installation quick and easy.  There is less waste since it is pre-cut and will not create...
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Cork Underlayment

1/4 Inch Cork Sheet Underlayment

1/4" Pre-Cut Cork Sheet Underlayment Cork Sheet Underlayment is an effective and economical method to provide an acoustic barrier for flooring materials. Cork Direct's 1/4" cork sheets are environmentally sound...
$95.00 $75.00

Cork Underlayment

1/4 Inch Cork Roll Underlayment

Our quarter inch premium cork underlayment is for use in  both commercial and residential applications. Cork underlayment is an effective and economical way to provide an acoustic barrier for flooring...
$190.00 $175.00

Cork Underlayment

1/8 Inch Cork Roll Underlayment

Premium Eighth Inch Cork Roll Underlayment from Cork Direct Cork Roll Dimensions: 1/8" x 4' x 50' Coverage: 200 sq. ft. per roll  ($0.65 sq. ft.)  
$130.00 $120.00


Shaw 1500 Cork Multi-Purpose

Premium Cork Underlayment Adhesive - 4 Gallons Shaw 1500 Multi-Purpose Adhesive provides a good bond between cork underlayment and most wood or concrete subfloors. Zero Toxic Emissions Low VOC Fast...
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Cork Board

1/2" Thick Cork Board (24" x 36")

Get premium quality cork board from Cork Direct. Our extra thick 1/2" cork sheets are the perfect tacking surface that can be used for bulletin boards, dart boards, trivets, game...
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Why choose cork?

Cork harvesting is an environmentally friendly process during which not a single tree is cut down. The cork industry is a near perfect example of renewable and sustabinable production. The bark of the cork oak is harvested without damaging the tree, and grows back to be harvested again every nine years over the 200+ year lifespan of the tree. Read more

The Giving Tree

Renewable & Sustainable

Every year, cork oak forests absorb up to 14 million tonnes of CO2. This ability to retain carbon dioxide is passed on to the products that it manufactures, which includes cork underlayment. During the natural regeneration process that follows harvesting, the tree's ability to absorb CO2 increases up to five times. The more it is harvested, the more it protects the environment.

Bark is Harvested

Without Harm

Cork bark is harvested by hand by skilled agricultural workers. Practices to protect the trees and the forest and ensure the quality of the final product have evolved over centuries. Providing economic benefit to all those who rely on it far into the future.

Cork Is Natures

Great Invention

Inside cork is a gas mixture that fills each cell. The walls are coated with suberin. It's this incredible combination that gives cork its unique properties. Lightness, elasticity and compressibility, since cork is a combination of micro pillows, gently pressing against each other.

Choose Cork

Natural and Recyclable

The WWF recognizes that “the environmentally and economically sustainable cork industry” is necessary for world's highest levels of biodiversity, including homes for endangered species such as the Iberian lynx, the Iberian imperial eagle, the Barbary deer, and many species of rare birds as well as fungi, ferns, and other plants. It supports jobs and biodiversity”.