10 Ways To Use Cork In Your Home

10 Ways to Use Cork in Your Home

Cork has made a big comeback in recent design trends.  Due to its natural, sustainable and eco-friendly harvest and natural qualities, it has become a much sought after solution for both decorating and home improvement needs.

1. Pinboard / Cork Board

With so many of us spending more and more time at home -  remote working/learning or otherwise - keeping an organized workspace is more important than ever. It may seem cliché, but a cork pinboard is an economic and elegant way to update and organize your home office or remote learning space. Use fabric, tape, or paint to grid a memo board and step up your organization, or use it as a place to display children's art and school projects.

2. Soundproof With Cork

Cork's unique air-filled honeycomb structure makes it an efficient acoustic and vibration insulator. Because of this, cork tiles are an effective and economic soundproofing material. In fact, just 3 mm of cork can absorb up to 10 dB of sound, making cork tiles well suited for sound treatment in a studio or soundproofing a noisy apartment or home. For reference, a vacuum cleaner clocks in at 70db (Temple University Department of Civil/Environmental Engineering -2000).

3. Cork As Insulation

Not only does cork absorb sound, the air-filled cells are also a naturally effective thermal insulator (double pane windows and down feathers use the same absorptive principle). In fact when corkboard was initially invented in 1892 it was used primarily in insulating cold-storage areas. Adding cork underlayment beneath flooring or even adding cork to ceilings or in roofing systems will effectively help insulate your home. Simply put, cork is cozy.

4. Cork Accent Wall

Cork is often celebrated for its function and versatility, but not always for its natural aesthetic beauty. Of course cork is routinely used on walls for a pinboard treatment, however, it is also popular simply for its application in design. While we may often think of lava lamps and shag carpets when we picture wooden walls, white walls with a cork accent wall and striking furniture evokes Scandinavian elegance. 

5. Cork Wall Tiles

Speaking of aesthetic, using cork as wall tiles is an easy way to soften negative space and accent any design. Whether looking for industrial chic, Scandinavian minimalist, rustic retro, or ultra modern, cork blends effortlessly with any design.

6.Cabinet or Furniture Upgrade

Adding cork to a plain wardrobe or cabinet will create a unique and sheik piece to set your room apart. With a hot glue gun or adhesive, you can completely change the aesthetic of your cabinet or wardrobe doors. 

7. Upcycled Vase, Caddy, or Pencil Holder

Don't throw away that used can just yet! By attaching a fitted sheet of cork to a clean can, you can easily make an upcycled vase, caddy, or pencil holder. Not only is this DIY upcycling project stylish, it is also highly sustainable. Instead of cutting down a tree to produce cork, the bark is thoughtfully harvested, preserving the tree for later harvests. Plus, all you need to class up your home is some cork, a pair of scissors, and a hot glue gun.

8. Tabletop / Countertop Items

Because cork absorbs so little water and can withstand high heat, it's ideal for making DIY tabletop / countertop items. Simply use scissors or a razor and cut cork to size to make coasters, trays, or trivets (stand for hot pot or other cookware).

9. Planter Mats / Furniture

 As mentioned above, cork is water-resistant and easy to cut to shape, making it a sustainable and economical DIY plant mat. Just cut the cork to shape, leaving a small diameter around the planter for extra moisture absorption. As always, be sure to not overwater!

10. Floor Underlayment

To reiterate, cork is comfy! Cork's aforementioned honeycomb structure of air-filled cells absorbs weight and provides a natural cushion. Adding it under your tile, hardwood or even carpet flooring is an excellent way to add cushion, and adds strength to your flooring tiles, which helps to prevent stress cracks.  It also provides sound insulation as well as fire protection.  What's not to love about that?

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